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Speech From CEO


Message from CEO

We are intent on being a corporation that applies creative innovation to acquire the very best technologies.

Our safety-first culture, openness and harmony policy, and technical superiority are earning customer trust.

We are leveraging our shipbuilding experience and excellent global reputation to bolster our involvement in industrial plant & crane and offshore structures, thereby enhancing our competitiveness going forward.

We are a member of the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, one of the very best in the business worldwide.

As such, our sales, technology development, engineering, and procurement are integrated to maximize the synergy.

We are cultivating outstanding personnel, upgrading our technologies constantly, and innovating creatively in order to be a workplace where employees can realize their hopes and dreams.

I thank everyone who has continued to support the advancement of Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries.
Thank you.

CEO Lee Sang-Kyun