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Welding Research

Secure the highest welding quality and productivity

Quality division, welding research section
Quality division, welding research section is located at HSHI technology center, are trying to be the foundation of the first class shipbuilding which was approved the best welding technique with the operation principle for the field oriented research /development, automated equipment and cultivation of ability for marine and special ship, the education for the best technician to secure the best welding quality and productivity.
The foundation of the first class shipbuilding with approved the best technique
- welding research division.

Welding technique part

  • Development of welding technique

    Appling the high capability and high efficiency welding technique after development, are trying to improve the productivity and improve the reliability of welding quality for ship's owner and the solution for the problems occurred during the making of field ship and marine construction.

    1. Development for the high efficiency, high adhesive new welding technique.
    2. Development of improvement technique for productivity.
    3. Development the special welding material.
    4. Development the welding technique for special ship.
  • WPS development
    1. Development welding process specification for the new technique development.
    2. Development WPS for the new project development.
    3. Supporting WPS for the 3rd cooperated company.
  • Management the certification for the welding technician
    1. Management the certification for the welding technician (including 3rd cooperated company)
    2. Execution for welding technician testing and superintendence
    3. Educated the welding technical according to new project development.
  • Examination and certification of instrument and implement of new instruments
    1. management of all company instrument.
    2. evaluate the technique when invest new instrument at work-site.
    3. supporting and examination instrument of external cooperated company.
  • Miscillenous
    1. various mechanical, physical and chemical testing.
    2. perform of testing for dryness at welding area.
    3. Resolve the field problems.
    4. supporting examination external cooperating company material.
    5. operation of material testing room.

Welding automation part

  • Development the robotic welding technique

    We realize the perfect welding automation with development of robotic, has excellent adaptability at field.

  • development welding automation system/Gantry

    We maximize the improvement of productivity and welding efficiency because of development the proper welding technique, suitable field environment and the ability of multiple electrodes welding with large equipment structured Gantry system.

  • Development technical carrige and implementation

    Design and development for technical point and for the shape to meet the each stage make maximum effect with minimum cost.


Welding part

  • We perform the research for the major purpose that improve the productivity through integration at field the new welding equipment and approval examination and accumulate the welding technique at field with a development of new welding material and performing the certification examination for the development of welding technique at field.
    1. Development and testing for the welding process specification.
    2. Evaluation of new welding material and investigation of implements.
    3. Establish the data for the basic welding quality.
    4. Resolution the problem at field and technical support.
    5. Traing internal and external automated welding technician
    6. Integration the new welding equipment at field and testing for cerficiation.