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We think the most valuable things for the first management are the quality, safety and environment

Quality management system of HSHI

To increase continuously customer reliability is the basis of quality management system, satisfying the customer to provide the high quality product just on time which are satisfy adequately the customer requirement, related specification, rule, regulation. In order to meet the goal, the quality is prior to all management activity and drive the activity of not-recurrence to remove the cause completely for the mis-operation and failures, And exercise the quality management with the operation of self investigation that certificate for his (her) own working quality and responsibility of that quality. Besides all members of this organization make efforts to improve the his(her) own charged job and job quality, and participate the activity to systemically.

Agreement for quality
  • Tour to field by quality control member
    • Quality control member visit field to prevent customer complains. The professional mind not to allow any kinds of quality problem makes the best quality.
  • Self investigation system
    • This is to reach the goal of customer satisfaction and improvement of reliability to certificate the quality after the delivered products through operator leaded quality control and performs independently investigation the product by the worker, his(her) self at each manufacturing process.
  • Operation of investigation system for the customer satisfaction
    • We monitor every year the investigation the customer satisfaction for the product manufacturing process and delivered product and provide the solution, if there is any dis-satisfaction, find and analyze the root cause, give the solution, This system is for customer satisfaction.
  • Quick service to the customer requirement
    • The receipt of all customer requirements is registered to computer database simultaneously and enforce the quick that resolve it within 3 days after receipt.
Environment management system

HSHI implement the environment management system to overall business activity for the secure environment. Make internal control regulation, strengthened environment preservation law and miscellaneous elements and keep it completely. Set up the environment goal to prevent environment pollution and more details and develop and execute the program to do it. Reduce the energy consumption and law material for the whole process, design, purchasing, manufacturing, resources etc., and try to minimize the wastes, lead to improvement environment with practicing the using again and the re-cycling. All members in company received continuous training for the environment to get the knowledge of environment preservation and share the internal and external environment information. We can open our environment system if interested party asked, and share the best environment management technique.

Safety and health management system

Creating the safe and comfortable working environment prevent the accident and pursuit the improvement of the health and life quality of employee, all members of HSHI cooperate together and try to maximize the results of safety and health care activity and estabulish the safety and health management system to prevention in advance for concerned all activity as the followings;

  • Understanding the safety-health is major element for management and attempt to combination with another management.
  • To keep to pursuit the improvement and proper protection to find out the all obstacles at working field in advance..
  • It is basic to obey the legal law for safety-health, installation of equipment and machine setup and operate the self-criteria more strengthened to secure the safety at instruments, operation and maintenance.
  • Every members has safety-health activity is one of their major responsibility and give the education and training to meet their responsibility and role.
  • Setup the goal and acting plan to perform effectively the safety-health management system and operate the self-investigation system, evaluated periodically.
  • Establishing the internal communication channel to participate actively by all members and participate all concerned company safety-health activity.