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HSHI Movie

HSHI Movie

  • HSHI shall achieve its goal in the global market despite tough competition through New Challenge 2012. As a result, I believe that HSHI can become 'Excellent Company' that contributes to Korean economy. On behalf of all HSHI employees, I wish to thank all our valued clients for making HSHI what it is today.
HSHI Movie Subtitle

Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries located at Youngam, Jeonnam has constructed a high-tech yard in Samho and Daebeul industrial complexes with the size of 3.3 million m2 and has created new history of shipbuilding & offshore engineering industry.

Hyundai Samho Heavy Industry has a beneficial location condition, such as it is not easily damaged by typhoons and tsunamis because it is encircled with Dado sea of west-southern coast and peninsula which acts as natural breakwater and it has a quay with 12m water depth which allow large ships to easily enter and exit.

Hyundai Samho newly started as a member of Hyundai heavy industries in 1999 has grown as a global enterprise realizing the best quality and customer satisfaction through entering high value-added shipbuilding market including LNG and LPG carrier and FPSO based on mega production facilities and specialized labor.

Hyundai Samho heavy industries dream for the future of 21C oceanic power!
It secures the best competition by operating high-end automatic facilities and the world best on-land building system and building about 50 ships annually as the newest shipyard.

In particular, it raises its position as a digital shipbuilder with 3D design system and lift automation rate through introducing robot welding machines to assemble the process.
It established environment-friendly work place through carrying out blasting and painting works 100% in all-weather indoor shops.

After completion of high-quality ships, it delivers perfect ships through sea trial carried by experts with extensive field experience. Also in Industrial Plant & Crane Division, it also equips the system to manufacture approximately 20 mega cranes annually. Hyundai Samho delivers the best quality ships to the customers through strict self-inspection and standardized work, and these ships are selected as the best ships from world famous shipping journals annually.

Especially, it controls quality thoroughly through maintaining a database of problems of all constructed ships, and increases the cooperation of R&D field with affiliated company, Hyundai heavy industries.

Human-focused corporate!
This is a management philosophy of Hyundai Samho heavy industries.

It controls risks systematically by acquiring all sorts of domestic/foreign certification of the safety and environment, and creates disaster-zero workplace with safety accident -zero, occupational disease-zero, and environmental accident-zero through Health Promotion Room, Physical Therapy room, and Safety Experience Training Center.

Hyundai Samho keeps learning.
It fosters global talents through the Talent Development Institute, and secures future competition through placing the best technology on human value.

Human-focused management philosophy Hyundai Samho has shown even from various welfare policies for personnel.
Assets of corporation are the happiness of personnel.
Personnel feel more happiness.

Shouting for victory… We are the one.
The world best culture & arts performance for local residents raise the position of Hyundai Samho as a leading company to lead local culture.

We’re pleased to be with you.
We feel warm by holding your hands.
We’d like to deliver warm heart to you.
We will be with you all the time.

We will make Hyundai Samho an environment-friendly company creating a clean environment, a local mecca contributing to revitalization of local economy, and a world-class company through clean management.

The place where the legend of myth-creation continues!
The place where history of change, challenge, and new value-creativity flows!
Hyundai Samho heavy industries will open an abundant future and hopeful tomorrow with creative and challenging spirit.