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Welfare Information

Samho Han-ma-eum Hall

Samho Han-ma-eum Hall

It offers high quality of life to our workers

  • In September 2000, its construction work began and was completed on March 21, 2001. On April 14, 2001 it was opened. It is highly equipped with a variety of welfare systems such as discount shops, banks, education facilities, culture and sports centers, to provide high quality of lives to employees and their families.

MT.Galma / Information of Mt. Galma park

Location of Mt. Galmasan

Location of Mt. Galmasan

  • Within the site of Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries Ltd., Co., #1700 Yongdang-Ri, Samho-Myun, Youngam-Gun, Chollanam-Do, Korea (near the crossroads of Welfare Hall).

Height of Mt. Galmasan

  • 132m above the sea (1.5km long for hiking)

Mt. Galma Park

  • Our employees at the HSHI can take good rest in the part along with another park on the opposite side. The park consists of a theme park and a new park. There are two pavilions, and some promenade courses in the park. Many trees grow and synthetic rocks are available for rock climbers in the park.
    At the top you can cast a look at two picturesque scenes out of the eight Mokpo scenic masterpieces, new port, Mokpo airport, and Geumho water breaker.

Information on Galmasan Theme Park -location of the theme park

  • it takes about 5 minutes from the entrance of the park.

Family of Theme Park

  • About 150 birds with 24 different kinds including peacocks, minas, and superb lyrebird live in this park. Goats grazing at grass, squirrels, rabbits, and local Jindot dogs are also family members of this park.

Attraction of the Theme Park

  • mimicking birds (minas) “Hello I am a Mina, Mina.”

Auxiliary facilities

  • Available are many sorts of facilities and equipments for exercises, clean water facilities, washrooms and pavilions.

HSHI Physical Terapy Center

HSHI Physical Terapy Center

Hello. This is HSHI's physical therapy center

  • This is newly opened to improve employees' health conditions and give substantial cures to employees. It is equipped with advanced facilities for curing muscle skeletal ailments and backaches.

Major facilities

  • six beds of muscle skeletal system therapy room / six beds of backache therapy room / micro current therapy systems / interferential current therapy systems/ultra sonic therapy systems / heating acupuncture therapy / cold therapy / functional Bio-feed back system / automatic massaging beds / electro-acupuncture therapy systems/ neuro-muscular stimulation therapy/ Paraffin Baths / razor therapy systems / electro-heat therapy systems / rolling beds

How to use

  • Please make online reservation of the therapy rooms suitable to your symptoms if you like to receive physical therapy. Doctors' prescriptions belonging to this company are needed.
    *** It opens at 08:10~12:00, 13:10~17:00 on weekdays,
    and at 08:10~11:00 on Saturdays.

Samho Culture House

Samho Culture House

Samho Culture House

  • The Samho Culture House provides knowledge related to culture and art, and information through books, CDs and Internet.
    Small-sized performances and exhibitions can be held in this place. As a complex cultural spot, it is always opened to families, cultural groups, individuals and other social communities.
    Regional citizens can enjoy this culture center freely.